roof top view of race track construction of first turn and outdoor patio

Track Updates…

Here is where we are at with track progress so far!


We are trotting along with the new track construction. If you follow us on Facebook, you can see the updates as they happen. We know you are excited about the new track and we want to keep that excitement up as we progress through the construction.

Check out what we’ve been up to so far….



Construction began.

Topsoil was moved from around the outside of the existing track.

The existing track wasn’t touched…we had to keep racing until the end of September after all!

old track dug up

This is the surrounding of the existing track being dug up to make room for the new track.


tractors digging up around existing track

Construction begins on the new track. Top soil gets removed.



Started to see the size and shape of the track as it is dug out.

Lots of topsoil dug out… so much soil…


landscape of large soil pile with a dump truck dumping soil on top of large pile.

Dump trucks drive on to the large soil pile to dump more soil. See A LOT of soil…




Piled the A gravel next to the track to be spread.

Removed track lighting and camera towers.

Dug out part of The GrandWay Patio and GRR tarmac to make room for the new track.

Drainage tiles installed.


tarmac partially complete using several contruction workers and machinery

The tarmac gets resurfaced with new fencing to be installed later. New drainage tiles seen here.


a newly paved tarmac overlooking the track

Here is the freshly paved tarmac.



Repaved The GrandWay Patio and GRR tarmac.

Track lighting bases installed.

Track lighting installation started. Did you know? It takes approximately 30 minutes to place each lighting fixture.

Fun Fact: Each lighting pole has a laser on it, so when the track lighting gets installed, the laser points to a specific point that is marked by a wooden peg. This peg is a measuring point for 3 lighting posts. When you stand at the peg you can see the actual laser beam “pointed towards it” meaning the laser on each pole is pointed towards the peg.

A conduit for optic wiring was dug. The wires will be connected to a camera pole and tote board, they are controlled from within the inside of the production room.

Stormwater management area for managing water and drainage dug in the infield of the track.


An outdoor LED light laying on the ground.

A new LED light post lays on the ground ready to be installed.


a truck with a crane hoists a new outdoor light up to be installed.

A truck with a crane hoists up a new LED light post.


close up of an outdoor LED light.

A close up of the new LED lights. Six of these lights are on one lamp post.


upclose of the main bracket the LED lights are mounted on

LED lights are mounted in the manufacturing plant to these posts.


upclose of the LED lighting angle that is mounted on the bracket

Each light is mounted at a different angle to ensure mazimum lighting coverage. This shows one of the lights and the angle it is mounted at.


an inside of the main electrical box

This is the inside of the electrical box. The controls communicate back to the manufacturer.



Track lighting installation completed.

Level the track – Bring topsoil (that was dug up from around old track) to level the new track with to the level of the old track.

‘A’ gravel to be placed on top of B gravel. B gravel packs down well and allows for proper drainage of the track. The final layer is stone dust, however, we are waiting for slightly warmer weather to complete these steps.


large machinery digging stormwater management in centre of infield

A stormwater management area is being dug in the centre of the infield.


a long tunnel for optic wiring conduit dug out

Optic wiring that will lead to the tote board and camera tower.


two cranes raise lighting to be installed on the main raceway building

Cranes raise the lights to be installed on the main GRR building.