Qualifiers, Training & Schoolers Update

Beginning May 31st, the paddock and racing surface will be open for training every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8am to 12noon. While there is no requirement to book sessions in advance, all licensed staff planning to attend with horses on these dates need to complete the COVID screening questionnaire before arrival. This can be found on our website at grandriverraceway.com. Qualifiers and schoolers are scheduled for Wednesday, June 2nd and 9th, at 10am and training cannot be accommodated on those dates. There is a limit of 50 horses permitted. Entries for qualifiers will continue to be taken at Central Race Office (Clinton Raceway) at 1-800-898-7792 or 519-482-5270. Entries for schoolers will be taken by calling Sue Ellis at Grand River Raceway at 519-846-5455 ext. 221. Qualifiers will have priority and schoolers should be entered after the draw Monday. Horsepeople must have paperwork in order before qualifiers and complete the mandatory COVID screening before arrival.