Grand River Raceway and Georgian Downs team up for rotating Jackpot Hi-5

TORONTO, June 1 – The Standardbred Alliance today announced a rotating Jackpot Hi-5 wager to be held between Grand River Raceway and Georgian Downs.


Beginning with Grand River’s opening card this evening (June 1), a Jackpot Hi-5 wager will be offered on the final race of the night. If there are multiple winning tickets, half of the pool will be carried over to the Jackpot Hi-5 wager on the final race Tuesday night at Georgian Downs.


The Jackpot Hi-5 carryover will then alternate between both tracks until a single-winning ticket correctly hits the Jackpot Hi-5 or a mandatory payout evening is announced.


The Jackpot Hi-5 wager has rapidly grown in popularity throughout the Ontario racing scene since being added to the Woodbine Entertainment Group wagering menu in October of 2013.


The Jackpot Hi-5 wager requires a horseplayer to correctly select the top-five finishers in order. If there are multiple winning tickets, 50% of that evening’s pool is split among the winning tickets, while the other half is carried over to the following card.


In order to take home the entire Jackpot, there must be only a single-winning ticket to correctly select the top-five finishers in order.


A special mandatory payout night can be announced, in which the entire carryover is split among the evening’s winning tickets.


The mandatory Jackpot Hi-5 payout night has been responsible for several of the largest handles in the history of Standardbred racing at the Woodbine Entertainment Group.


Most recently, a mandatory payout on a Jackpot Hi-5 carryover of $847,000 led to a record $2.5 million in new money being wagered into the pool on Saturday, April 4 at Woodbine. Following takeout, more than $3 million was paid out to horseplayers.


The new rotating Jackpot Hi-5 at Grand River Raceway and Georgian Downs will offer a $0.20 minimum wager and a takeout of 15 per cent.


The wager will be offered on each night of live racing at both tracks.


Grand River Raceway will offer live racing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the end of September. Live racing will be conducted at Georgian Downs every Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday until the end of August.


Post time for each card of live racing at Grand River Raceway is 6:30 p.m., while post time at Georgian Downs is 6 p.m. on Sundays and 7:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Saturdays.