Back by Popular Demand

Wiener Dog Race

Back by popular demand, one of the biggest events of the season features 30 Dachshunds in a bid for glory. Enjoy 4 dog races and 10 horse races. There are no losers, only wieners on July 5 at Grand River Raceway.



2019 Race Rules & Conditions

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2019 Wiener Dog Race

Sponsored By:

2019 Wiener Dog Races

For Spectators:

4 wiener races
10 horse races
3 restaurants & patio BBQ
3 Food Trucks
Free admission & parking!

2019 Wiener Dog Races

For Dogs:

Registration opens June 6th, 2019
WIENER RACE: 30 spots
Swag for all participants
Trophy & prizes for race contest winners
All dogs profiled in race program & on TV broadcast

Wiener Dog Race

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t make it to the track? Watch online (starting at 6:00 p.m. EST) on July 5.

What time are the dog races? Showcased on the racetrack, between the horse races, the Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three qualifying heats starting after Horse Race #5 (approx 8:00). The Final (top 3 dogs from each heat) will be after Horse Race #7 (approx. 8:45). The trophy presentations will be after Horse Race #8 (approx. 9:00).


Registration for the Wiener Dog Races opens on June 6 at 7:00 a.m. (EST). On June 6, there will be a button on the top of this web page linking to the Registration Page on Eventbrite.

$50 (includes HST and online booking fee)
30 dogs max.

The race will be approximately 20 metres.

Showcased on the racetrack, between the horse races, the Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three (3) qualifying heats running consecutively starting at 8:00 p.m. There will be 10 dogs max/heat. The top three (3) finishers from each heat will compete in the Final at 8:45 p.m. All races are 20 meters in distance.

The dogs will be introduced on the TV race broadcast (between the horses races) starting at 6:30 and leading up to 8:00.

Showcased on the racetrack, between the horse races, the Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three (3) qualifying heats starting at 8:00. The Final will be at 8:45. The trophy presentations will be at 9:00.

Yes. We will do our best to keep dogs of a similar age grouped together in the qualifying heats.

Check-in under the First Turn Tent between 5:30pm and 6:30pm on race night.

If I can’t make it to the event and I’ve already paid my fee, can I get a refund?
Sorry, there are no refunds for this event.

No. All registrations must be paid online via Eventbrite.

The lineup for the races will be posted here, and on our social media, by Wednesday morning (2 days prior to the event).

Certainly! You can visit one of our three restaurants and grab a bite to eat.

The Getaway Restaurant
The Lighthouse Restaurant
The Captain’s Quarters reservations: (519) 846-5455 ext. 297

There is also a few tarmac BBQs & 3 Food Trucks

Then, watch our live horse racing program. Post time for the first race is 6:30pm and they run until approximately 10:00pm. The Wiener Dog Races will take please between the races; the three qualifying heats will be at 8:00 p.m. The Final will be at 8:45 p.m. The trophy presentations will be at 9:00 p.m.

Yes! There are many tactics you can review with your dog. You should be getting him/her ready to run once you release them. Grab a partner and send them 20 metres away from you while you hold your dog, then release the dog and teach him/her to run to your partner.

Yes, we will provide a colour coordinated line-up of bandanas and/or sweaters per each dog. These bandanas will go around their collar, however they won’t be long, and they won’t drag – they shouldn’t hinder their ability to run or cause them to freeze-up like some wieners do when they’re wearing a costume. During your training, tie a bandana around their neck to help familiarize your pooch with the bandana.

No, each pooch must remain on their leash until the start of the race.

No, only guide dogs are permitted inside the grandstand or inside any of our restaurants – health and safety rules pertaining to food and beverage areas deny access of animals.

The Ren’s Pet Depot Wiener Dog Race will run rain or shine. However, if there are EXTREME weather conditions and the horse races are canceled or in jeopardy of being canceled, we will make the call to reschedule by 3:00pm on race day. If that is the case we will contact everyone individually to let them know.

Aside from guide dogs, we ask that you refrain from bringing your dog unless it is competing in the races

Yes. The dog races will be shown on our live streaming video. Go here to watch — under the LIVE tab. THE STREAMING VIDEO CANNOT BE ACCESSED UNTIL 6:00 P.M. The Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three qualifying heats starting after Horse Race #5 (approx 8:00). The Final (top 3 dogs from each heat) will be after Horse Race #7 (approx. 8:45). The trophy presentations will be after Horse Race #8 (approx. 9:00).

Meet the wieners

2018 Contenders

Wiener Dog Alley

RACE 1 – #1 – Alley
Age: 6 • Weight: 6 lb
Last year’s costume contest champ missed the race but is eager to get back on track!

Wiener Dog Daisy

RACE 1 – #2 – Daisy
Age: 6 • Weight: 25 lb
A zany, playful and lovable weiner!

Wiener Dog Dalilah

RACE 1 – #3 – Dalilah
Age: 10 • Weight: 10 lb
Affectionate and cuddly! Favourite game is fetch with a ball, loves laying in the sun and sleeps under the covers!

Wiener Dog Dexter

RACE 1 – #4 – Dexter
Age: 10 • Weight: 16 lb
Full of fun and energy. He loves walks, treats, giving kisses and … chipmunks … Did you say chipper?!

RACE 1 – #5 – Giuseppe
Age: 5 • Weight: 15 lb
First time & ready to dominate! Don’t take his kind eyes as a weakness. Loves to run fast in an open field & will prove he’s the new 2018 Champ.

Wiener Dog Jackson

RACE 1 – #6 – Jackson
Age: 6 • Weight: 17 lb
A long, lean running machine. He is red in color and is in-between a miniature and regular weiner, AKA a tweenie.

Wiener Dog Lady

RACE 1 – #7 – Lady
Age: 5 • Weight: 18 lb
Loves to run and often surprises people with her speed. She is also a people lover and is very, very friendly.

Wiener Dog Lola

RACE 1 – #8 – Lola
Age: 7 • Weight: 5 lb
Loves to swim and roll around in the grass. She’s the best cuddle buddy! This is her first race!

RACE 1 – #9 – The Mighty Zeus
Age: 5 • Weight: 14 lb
An adorable black and tan dachshund. He enjoys car rides, hunting for mice at the farm and sun bathing on warm days.

Wiener Dog Wilson

RACE 1 – #10 – Wilson
Age: 10 • Weight: 12 lb
Friendly to all and a happy boy. Super fast when playing soccer around the yard. Best buds with his cat O’Malley.

Wiener Dog Dashpig

RACE 2 – #1 – Dashpig
Age: 4 • Weight: 15 lb
Loves chasing balls, sticks and bugs. Loves long jogs and naps. Thinks he’s as big as Great Dane and as brave as wolf dog. Gentle protector!

Wiener Dog Dominic

RACE 2 – #2 – Dominic
Age: 5 • Weight: 16 lb
Enjoys short walks in long grass, rolling around on worms and long naps. But when the mood strikes he is a sprinter like no other!

Wiener Dog Froggy

RACE 2 – #3 – Froggy
Age: 4 • Weight: 13 lb
Back for her 3rd year! She’s been practicing by running around the farm and chasing critters. Let’s hope third time’s the charm!

Wiener Dog Hershey

RACE 2 – #4 – Hershey
Age: 4 • Weight: 10 lb
A sweet and loving little boy that loves to play with his ball and chase his sister. If he doesn’t win a race, he will surely win your heart!

RACE 2 – #5 – Lana
Age: 3 • Weight: 8 lb
A mini mini! Not the sharpest wiener in the pack, but spends her days protecting her humans from the evil mice in the garden.

RACE 2 – #6 – Mustard
Age: 4 • Weight: 17 lb
2017 CHAMP: A little dog with a BIG personality! Enjoys chasing his tail in circles, suntanning, kisses, and the Blue Jays!

Wiener Dog Pedro

RACE 2 – #7 – Pedro Gonzales
Age: 3 • Weight: 11 lb
A mini chocolate dapple with one blue eye. Athletic, loves all sports and can run backwards, but let’s hope he doesn’t do that on race day!

Wiener Dog Rumi

RACE 2 – #8 – Rumi
Age: 4 • Weight: 13 lb
AKA Money Maywiener, a city dog that runs the streets. Tough exterior, soft heart but she subscribes to Drake’s motto of “no new friends”.

Wiener Dog Tank

RACE 2 – #9 – Tank
Age: 4 • Weight: 16 lb
2016 CHAMP and a close 2nd last year. Defeat was bitter and Tank is back this year with a fire in his belly!

RACE 2 – #10 – Tank A Roo Boo
Age: 3 • Weight: 16 lb
A humble lil man who loves his family. He loves treats and his ball. This is his 3rd race and he’s ready to beat the competition.


RACE 3 – #1 – Bentley
Age: 1 • Weight: 15 lb
I’m a reverse cream silver dapple mini dachshund. I have heterochromia and that’s why I have a beautiful blue eye!


RACE 3 – #2 – Brando
Age: 8 mos • Weight: 7 lb
First leap into the world of wiener racing! Spars daily with Vincent the Cat to stay in top shape.

RACE 3 – #3 – Frank
Age: 1 • Weight: 13 lb
Couldn’t be bothered to train for the race, but he might cross the finish line if he feels like it. His mantra: bark, sleep, lick, repeat.


RACE 3 – #4 – Frankie
Age: 2 • Weight: 10 lb
New to the racing world, Frankie is a little timid but oh so fast. Will run for a glimpse of a ball.


RACE 3 – #5 – Jerry
Age: 1 • Weight: 15 lb
Spunky little fellow that loves to be the center of attention. Enjoys spending his days digging in the garden & worshiping the sun.

RACE 3 – #6 – Lord Finnegan
Age: 1 • Weight: 14 lb
English Cream long haired dachshund. He conquered England and is now running in the colonies. He has never met a toy he didn’t like.


RACE 3 – #7 – Lucy
Age: 2 • Weight: 11 lb
Fun loving sassy little girl.


RACE 3 – #8 – Maple
Age: 2 • Weight: 9 lb
Very sociable and friendly, and loves to run, cuddle, and play! GO TEAM MAPLE!!!!


RACE 3 – #9 – Marbles The Magnificent
Age: 2 • Weight: 13 lb
Silver dapple long haired dachshund. His favourite pastime is dog agility and chasing a ball.


RACE 3 – #10 – Pippin
Age: 2 • Weight: 12 lb
Pippy is ready for her second go at the races! She is a sweet n sassy girl that loves her doggy friends and neighbors.