Ask The Driver

Ask The RDC Drivers at Grand River Raceway

Grand River Raceway is inviting harness racing fans to pose questions for the nine drivers of the Ontario Regional Driving Championship (RDC) on June 24.

If your question is asked at the beginning of the broadcast on June 24 (starting at 6:00 p.m.) Grand River Raceway will send you a swag bag.

In your email, please include:
– Your name
– Your town & province/state
– Question for driver
– RDC driver your question is for

The drivers in the Ontario RDC are:

  • Alfie Carroll (of Iowa Station)
  • Billy Davis Jr. (of Guelph)
  • Trevor Henry (of Arthur)
  • Jody Jamieson (of Moffat)
  • James MacDonald (of Guelph)
  • Bob McClure (of Elora)
  • Doug McNair (of Guelph)
  • Robert Shepherd (of Cambridge)
  • Nick Steward (of London)

Please send questions to by noon on June 24.



Kelly Spencer
Mgr. Marketing & Communications
Grand River Raceway
Office: (519) 846-5455 ext. 238