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Please find below the answers to the general questions we hear the most. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email info@grandriverraceway.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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General FAQ

Race programs (the booklets used for wagering/betting) can be purchased from our guest care counter located just inside the sliding doors in the main building. You can also purchase a program from the Gift Shop (directly across from the guest care counter)

Please see this page for more information on betting. On live race nights one of our guest care representatives will be happy to give you some tips, you’ll find them wandering the facility and at the guest care counter.

There are many locations where you can place your wager. Visit the tellers on the mutuel line downstairs in the simulcast lounge, upstairs outside of the Captain’s Quarters, inside the Captain’s Quarters and on Friday nights the Tarmac has tellers available. New bettors or bettors who would like to have an intro session with our guest care reps can place bets at the guest care counter. There are also self-serve betting machines placed throughout the facility. Please see the map for locations (coming soon).

Upon entering the main building through the sliding doors, take the staircase on the left hand side up to the Captain’s Quarters. There is also an elevator located on the right hand side upon entering the main building. Reserving a table is strongly recommended. To reserve a table, please call the bookings department at 519.846.5455 extension 247, or send them an email.

If you arrive with a reservation, you can always check with the hostess in the Captain’s Quarters for availability, they will also be able to help you book your table for your next visit.

Of course, there are few extra options. Every live race night there is a tarmac BBQ where you can enjoy dinner and an alcoholic beverage trackside right next to the action. If you’re looking for a sit-down experience, visit the Lighthouse Restaurant for a concession style eatery with plenty of seating (and a licensed patio). Or visit the Getaway Restaurant for an a la carte experience. See the map for locations.

The barn is strictly for racing industry members who hold an Ontario Racing Commission license. However, groups (12 or more people) who book their evenings in the Captain’s Quarters have the option to include a guided tour of the Paddock in their group package.

Children who participate in the weekly Friday night NEIGHbourhood tent also have the opportunity to partake in a barn tour, so long as a parent or guardian go with them.

The Lighthouse is located in the Paddock building just steps west of the main building.

The Tarmac Show ballots can be entered in the ballot box located beside the guest care counter. These ballots are used for Tarmac Show games, prizes and the famous cheerleaders race participants.

Yes it is true, sometimes there are rides offered. Please visit the Tarmac Show to inquire about whether or not rides are offered on the night you are visiting. There are certain factors that limit the availability of starting car rides.

Please inquire at the Tarmac Show booth regarding the famous bouncy pony stakes.

The Slots are owned and operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. There are no tables in the slots parlour at this time. Visit the OLG website for more information.

You must be 18+ to bet on the horse races, and 19+ to enter the slots.

There is no dress code in the dining room or the racetrack facility.

Nope, admission is always free.

Yes, always.

Of course! Kids are welcome any race night. There is a youth care coordinator working on Friday race nights who operates the trackside NEIGHbourhood, a free kids activity tent.

Yes. Upon arrival please scan for the network called “GRAND-FREE WIFI”. Once connected, you’ll be taken to a browser window where you’ll select “Free Wifi”, upon selecting you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you have issues connecting, please seek a guest care rep for help.