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What time are the dog races? Showcased on the racetrack, between the horse races, the Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three qualifying heats starting after Horse Race #5 (approx 8:00). The Final (top 3 dogs from each heat) will be after Horse Race #7 (approx. 8:45). The trophy presentations will be after Horse Race #8 (approx. 9:00).

What time is the costume contest? Showcased on the Tarmac Show, between the horse races, the Wiener & Small Dog Dog Costume Contest will be held after Horse Race #3 (approx 7:15). The Top 3 will be decided by popular vote (program ballot and online voting). The trophy presentations will be after Horse Race #8 (approx. 9:00).

Back by popular demand, one of the biggest events of the season features 30 Dachshunds in a bid for glory. Enjoy 4 dog races and 10 horse races. There are no losers, only wieners on July 7 at Grand River Raceway.

For spectators:

  • 4 wiener races
  • 10 horse races
  • free admission & parking
  • 3 restaurants & patio BBQ
  • NEW! Wiener & Small Dog Costume Contest
  • NEW!  VIP Wiener Wrangler Experience
    (Limited to 2 teams of 4; buy online)

For Wieners:

  • registration opens June 7
  • RACE: 30 spots 
  • COSTUME CONTEST: 30 spots
  • swag for all participants
  • trophy & prizes for race & costume contest winners
  • all dogs profiled in race program & on TV broadcast

Questions? (519) 846-5455 ext. 238

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the Costume Contest and the Wiener Dog Races opens on June 7 at 7:00 a.m. (EST). On June 7, there will be a button on the top of this web page linking to the Registration Page on Eventbrite.

$50/dog (includes HST and online booking fee)
30 dogs max.

$50 (includes HST and online booking fee)
30 dogs max.

• Each participating pooch will receive a doggy bag.
• trophy & $300+ in prizes for winner of the Wiener Final
• $50 gift card for wieners finishing 2nd & 3rd in the Final
• small gift for all heat winners

• Each participating pooch will receive a doggy bag.
• trophy & $300+ in prizes for winner of the Costume Contest (decided by popular vote)
• $50 Gift Basket for 2nd and 3rd place finishers, compliments of Legendary Canine

Yes. Dogs can be registered for both events, but there is no dual registration form. You must register for each event separately.

The race will be approximately 20 metres.

Showcased on the racetrack, between the horse races, the Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three (3) qualifying heats running consecutively starting at 8:00 p.m. There will be 10 dogs max/heat. The top three (3) finishers from each heat will compete in the Final at 8:45 p.m. All races are 20 meters in distance.

The dogs will be introduced on the TV race broadcast (between the horses races) starting at 6:30 and leading up to 8:00.

Showcased on the racetrack, between the horse races, the Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three (3) qualifying heats starting at 8:00. The Final will be at 8:45. The trophy presentations will be at 9:00.

Yes. We will do our best to keep dogs of a similar age grouped together in the qualifying heats.

Check-in under the Tarmac Tent between 5:30pm and 6:30pm on race night. If you’re not sure where the Tarmac Tent is, please see the Guest Care Counter when you arrive.

No. All registrations must be paid online via Eventbrite.

The lineup for the races will be posted here, and on our social media, by Wednesday morning (2 days prior to the event).

Certainly! You can visit one of our three restaurants and grab a bite to eat.

The Getaway Restaurant 
The Lighthouse Restaurant 
The Captain’s Quarters reservations: (519) 846-5455 ext. 247 (sold-out)
There is also a few tarmac BBQs (great BBQ options and cold beer!)

Then, watch our live horse racing program. Post time for the first race is 6:30pm and they run until approximately 10:00pm. The Costume Contest will be shown after Race 3 (approx. 7:15 p.m.) The Wiener Dog Races will take please between the races; the three qualifying heats will be at 8:00 p.m. The Final will be at 8:45 p.m. The trophy presentations will be at 9:00 p.m.

Yes! There are many tactics you can review with your dog. You should be getting him/her ready to run once you release them. Grab a partner and send them 20 metres away from you while you hold your dog, then release the dog and teach him/her to run to your partner.

Yes, we will provide a colour coordinated line-up of bandanas and/or sweaters per each dog. These bandanas will go around their collar, however they won’t be long, and they won’t drag – they shouldn’t hinder their ability to run or cause them to freeze-up like some wieners do when they’re wearing a costume. During your training, tie a bandana around their neck to help familiarize your pooch with the bandana.

No, each pooch must remain on their leash until the start of the race.

No, only guide dogs are permitted inside the grandstand or inside any of our restaurants – health and safety rules pertaining to food and beverage areas deny access of animals.

The Ren’s Pet Depot Wiener Dog Race will run rain or shine. However, if there are EXTREME weather conditions and the horse races are canceled or in jeopardy of being canceled, we will make the call to reschedule by 3:00pm on race day. If that is the case we will contact everyone individually to let them know.

Aside from guide dogs, we ask that you refrain from bringing your dog unless it is competing in the races or costume contest.

Yes. The dog races will be shown on our live streaming video. Go here to watch — under the LIVE tab. THE STREAMING VIDEO CANNOT BE ACCESSED UNTIL 6:00 P.M. The Costume Contest will be shown after Race 3 (approx. 7:15 p.m.). The Wiener Dog Races will be contested in three qualifying heats starting after Horse Race #5 (approx 8:00). The Final (top 3 dogs from each heat) will be after Horse Race #7 (approx. 8:45). The trophy presentations will be after Horse Race #8 (approx. 9:00).

VIP Wiener Wrangler Experience

Limited to 2 Teams Of 4

#ExperienceMoreWieners when you become one of just 8 VIP Wiener Wranglers at the 2017 Ren’s Pets Depot Wiener Dog Races at Grand River Raceway on July 7.

Only 8 spots are available for this exclusive VIP experience: 2 teams of 4. $100/person (incl. tax). BUY NOW.

You get:

  • Exclusive on-track access to watch and participate in the Wiener Dog Races. Your job: cheer-on and catch any stray wieners!
  • Wiener Wrangler t-shirt.
  • VIP window seating and buffet dinner in the Captain’s Quarters Dining Room.
  • A horse race named in your honour, photo with the winning horse of your race and prints of the photo for all Wiener Wranglers.
  • Recognition on our TV broadcast of your name and role as a Wiener Wrangler.

Meet The Wieners! Contenders in the 2017 Ren's Pets Depot Wiener Dog Races at Grand River Raceway:

Age: 12
Weight: 10 lb
Sweet Annie was adopted at 8 years old, she loves belly rubs in the sunshine and beggin strips! She loves to play fetch all day long and sleep in the big bed at night

Age: 8
Weight: 15 lb
August likes to run and play. She loves ice cream and soppressa. She loves other dogs and cats, she has three cats at home and just got a little Yorkie brother named tucker.

Age: 3
Weight: 15 lb
Beans is a 3 year old Dapple Dachshund full of energy! He competed in last years Wiener Dog Race, although he did not win, he has been training and is ready to take home the winning spot this year!

Age: 9
Weight: 20 lb
Bella’s a feisty farm dog who trains for races by chasing the chickens and cows around our organic farm. She’s a fierce competitor with a killer personality who loves belly rubs, long car rides and anything she can eat.

Age: 5
Weight: 20 lb
She is a loveable, vivacious, and very active & playful dog. Loves children/people.

Age: 3
Weight: 10 lb
Froggy placed 4th in her heat last year and is excited to race again this year! She’s been practicing by chasing squirrels.

Age: 3
Weight: 9.5 lb
His name describes him perfectly. He is a sweet loving little boy. He loves racing around the yard with his sister and chasing his ball. If you get close enough to him, you may get one of his sweet kisses.

Age: 4
Weight: 22 lb
Lady loves to run and surprises everyone when they see how fast she is. Lady placed third in the races last year and hopes to do as well this year.

Age: 2
Weight: 10 lb
Lucy is in the sky with diamonds. She likes to pretend she’s digging on the couch and going for long walks sniffing for grubs in the backyard. Her main hobbies are begging for treats, barking and sleeping.

Age: 1
Weight: 7 lb
Margot is owned and trained by the mother and daughter team of Martha and Natalie Wolf. Margot is very determined and runs straight and true. She leaps out of the gate and bounds down the track like a stone that has been skipped across a pond.

Age: 3
Weight: 17.5 lb
Mustard is a huge baseball fan! The Blue Jays are his favourite team! His hobbies include barking for no apparent reason, chasing squirrels and giving lots of hugs & kisses to his mommy & daddy! This is Mustard’s second Grand River Race! He’s hoping to redeem himself after becoming a bit ‘distracted’ in 2015’s race! (lol) GO MUSTARD! xo

Age: 8
Weight: 17 lb
Oscar ‘the Wiener Wonder’ is a previous Wienerfest Puppy Race Champion looking to reclaim his title. He is an avid racer, ball-squeaker and swimmer.

Age: 1
Weight: 12 lb
Pedro Gonzales Jesus Valdez Jorge is his full name, and he is a chocolate dapple miniature dachshund. Pedro Gonzales for short! He is a very smart, talented little guy. We have taught him to run backwards, but let’s hope he doesn’t do that during the race.

Age: 1
Weight: 24 lb
Penny is looking to make a comeback after a disappointing loss last year. Penny loves her humans and anyone else that will stop to pet her!

Age: 1.5
Weight: 10 lb
This is Pippy’s first race! She is a sweet sassy sausage with green eyes. She loves treats, playing and visiting with neighbours and their dogs.

Age: 1.5
Weight: 16 lb
Rex is a miniature dachshund who usually moves at a very slow speed unless he is motivated to want something, like when his dachshund brother Rumour bugs him, or steals something from him and he has to get it back. He gives you his paw like he is giving it to the Queen of England, so gentle and dainty.

Age: 8 mos
Weight: 12 lb
Rumour is a miniature dappled dachshund puppy who was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. He really likes to annoy and tease his dachshund brother Rex and he admires and follows our golden retriever everywhere.

Age: 2
Weight: 12 lb
This will be Tanks second race! His first year was great even though he didn’t win. This year he has been training with his brothers Dozer and Jax. He is ready to be the wiener! Tank loves to sing, give paw and eat treats all day. His bestfriend used to be Mommy but he has a new lady in his life, his sister Aurora. he just can’t get enough of this lil lady. Get ready for fast lil man. Tank is coming to win!

Age: 1
Weight: 10 lb
Tony is a 1 year old black and tan pup. He’s smart, playful and a good boy. Although new on the competitive racing scene he feels pretty good about his chances. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his best pal Ally. His hobbies include sleeping, digging and wagging his tail. He currently resides in Guelph.

Age: 2
Weight: 13 lb
Sleep all day, Play all night.

Age: 3
Weight: 15 lb
Adorable black and tan wiener dog. Loves hunting mice and chasing birds at the farm. Enjoys sun bathing on warm days.

Age: 9 mos
Weight: 13 lb
Frank is an energetic pup who loves to run and play. He spends most of his time around big dogs, and you couldn’t tell him he’s not one of them.

Age: 2
Weight: 14 lb
George is a mini dachshund that enjoys being outdoors and off his leash and running around “his” park, loves his humans and loves his treats when he knows he did a good job. This little George thinks he’s can run with the big dogs, but loves running with the same size dogs (not so intimidating).

Age: 4
Weight: 10 lb
Hollister is a little dog with a big name and even bigger personality. His presence can fill any room, take over any king-sized bed and is guaranteed to bring a smile to every face. His good looks have made him no stranger to love and affection, yet he always manages to give back more than he receives. Hollister is a wiener dog with a heart of gold.

Age: 7
Weight: 14 lb
Lilly is calm and relaxed. She is well behaved and shy. She enjoys relaxing in the sun and some playful time with her sister Moxie.

Age: 1
Weight: 7 lb
Little Miya has a big heart and a loving nature..she loves to compete and spends her days in the sun just waiting for a big walk.

TANK (MacDonald)
Age: 3
Weight: 14 lb

Tank competed in the debut 2015 race and returned for a win the 2016 edition, Tank is back for more!

Age: 2
Weight: 12 lb
Moxie is trouble. She loves to get into things that she is not supposed to. Loves to eat and play with tennis balls. Her favourite hobby is annoying her calm sister Lilly for play time.

Age: 2
Weight: 13 lb
A lovable, lively long-haired mini blonde dapple who LOVES to eat. Tasha loves to snuggle Mommy!

Age: 7
Weight: 15 lb
Daisy is a dog unto herself. To appreciate this long little gal, you have to realize that her qualities are more than her sure looks. Daisy is a loyal companion with a love for car rides and chasing squirrels! She will take a hold of your heart!