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Grand River Raceway is proud to host the 2016 Ontario Regional Driving Championship (ORDC) on June 24.

The participating drivers are:

  • Alfie Carroll (of Iowa Station)
  • Billy Davis Jr. (of Guelph)
  • Trevor Henry (of Arthur)
  • Jody Jamieson (of Moffat)
  • James MacDonald (of Guelph)
  • Bob McClure (of Elora)
  • Doug McNair (of Guelph)
  • Robert Shepherd (of Cambridge)
  • Nick Steward (of London

Invitations were extended to drivers based on several criteria including their 2015 win statistics on their circuit and an invitation was also extended to the defending National Driving Champion, Jody Jamieson.

Drivers will receive points based on their finishing position and the top two drivers from the nine-race competition will join six other drivers at the 2016 National Driving Championship scheduled for Friday, October 14 at The Raceway at Western Fair District, in London, Ontario.

The winner of the NDC will represent Canada in harness racing’s 2017 World Driving Championship, hosted by Standardbred Canada in concert with the World Trotting Conference in August.

Cheerleaders will wear the driving colours of their respective drivers, and will act as a cheering and support section, engaging with fans and spectators during nine races of the competition. All cheerleaders will receive a swag bag and a $20 betting voucher, and are invited to attend the post event reception.

The cheerleader of the winning driver will receive an additional $100 betting voucher.

All prospective cheerleaders are asked to submit their name, age, and why they should win via email to Submissions must be received by June 17. The successful applicants will be announced June 20.

How to Play:

Play online as early as June 24 at noon by CLICKING HERE.

1) Choose a horse in all of the 9 RDC races (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch).

2) Submit your entries before the start of Race 1 (Post Time: 6:30pm)

3) Your horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. The last person(s) alive will be the winner.

You will win a $100 betting voucher or swag bag.

This contest follows the same conditions as our Survivor Wednesday Contests.

Join us on-track for the RDC, purchase a program and submit your program ballot to select your favourite RDC driver. Each time your driver wins a race, he draws a ballot from his box in the Winner’s Circle. If he draws your name, you win a prize.

Email us with a question for your favourite RDC driver. If we ask your question at the top of the show on June 24 (starting at 6:00 p.m.) we’ll send you a swag bag.

In your email, please include:
– Your name
– Your town & province/state
– Question for driver
– RDC driver your question is for