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Grand River Agricultural Society


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Grand River Truck & Tractor Pull at Grand River Raceway

High paced, action packed evening with over 100 hooks coming down the track!

• Place: Grand River Raceway
• Date: August 25 & 26, 2017
• Start time (both nights): 6:30 p.m.


– Adults: $10
– Pullers/Pit Crew: $10
– Kids (12 & under): Free

– Adults: $15
– Kids (5-12 yrs): $5

Tickets and passes not on sale in advance. Purchase at the gates.

11th annual Pizza Perfect at Grand River Raceway
This annual agriculture-education program is designed for Grade 3 students. The day-long program introduces children to agriculture in a fun, hands-on forum.

Tuesday, March 27 & Wednesday, March 28

UPDATE: Registrations are completely full for both dates in 2018.

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• Photos from past events

Over the course of two days, more than 800 Grade 3 students will delve into the unique Pizza Perfect event at Grand River Raceway. The local youngsters will spend the field trip in a hands-on agricultural education program themed after the favored pie.

The event takes place in the race paddock at Grand River Raceway. The students are bused in from 20 local schools across four school boards in the Waterloo-Wellington area.

More than 9,000 local students have benefited from this program since its inception at the Elora racetrack in 2006.

Pizza Perfect is a one-day program designed specifically for Grade 3 students. The event is themed after pizza, which typically represents all four food groups identified by Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. The agriculture-awareness program involves a comprehensive study of related agriculture, nutrition, food processing, economics, mathematics, science, arts and language, and agricultural careers.

Pizza Perfect explores these subject areas with complete interactivity. Hands-on activities and live demonstrations include milking a cow, cheese making and transplanting seedlings.

Hosted by the Grand River Agricultural Society (owner/operator of Grand River Raceway), Pizza Perfect is made possible with the help of more than 85 volunteers and representatives from over 30 agricultural producer’s groups, associations and suppliers.

For more information about the Pizza Perfect program:
Tel: (519) 846-8879 •

Grand River 4-H Dairy Shows at Grand River Raceway
Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 12:30pm
Floradale Dairy 4-H Achievement Day at 10:30am, Open 4-H Dairy Show at 12:30pm

For more information: Waterloo 4-H and Ontario 4-H