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Play one of our betting contests, see details below!

Survivor Wednesdays

HPI BET LOGO-MASTER-HORIZONTALSurvivor Wednesdays Presented by HPIbet

WIN a $100 HPIbet Deposit

How to Play:

Play online each Wednesday from June 5 through September 27 (2017).

1) Choose a horse in all of the races on the Wednesday race program (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch).

2) Submit your entries before the start of Race 1 (Post Time: 6:30pm)

3) Your horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. The last person(s) alive will be the winner.

You could win a deposit in your HPI account of up to $100. (See rules and regulations for full details.)

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June 7 Winner:
Jason Murphy

June 14 Winner:
Joseph Cramer

June 21 Winner:
Bruce Stuart

June 28 Winner:
Terry Wilson

July 5 Winner:
Jack Kearney

July 12 Winner:

July 19 Winner:
Dave Sheehan

July 26 Winner:
Fleurette Sarazin

August 2 Winner:
Michael Harris

August 9 Winners:
John Alexander
Rick Ricotta

August 16 Winner:
Danny Bolton

August 23 Winners:
John Groh
Fred Baldwin

August 30 Winner:
Danny Bolton

September 6 Winners:
Rachel Burns
Robert Parker
Henri Hebert
Schmeling Ramlall

The GRAND betting contest


How to Play:

Play on-track each Monday & Wednesday from June 5 through September 27 (2017).

Format: 6-race points system.

A points system (1st: 50 points, 2nd: 25 points, 3rd: 12 points, 4th: 8 points) is applied to your selections of races 2 through 7.

In each contest, the prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st: $50, $75 or JACKPOT (minimum $100) betting voucher as determined by draw {The jackpot builds by $25 or $50 each night the winner selects a box other than the jackpot.}

2nd: $25 betting voucher

3rd:  $25 betting voucher

Upon announcement of the contest results (approximately after race 8), the winner of each contest will be crowned King or Queen of The GRAND BETTING CONTEST and invited to appear on the Tarmac Show following Race 9. The King/Queen will select one of three boxes containing $50, $75 or JACKPOT (minimum $100) and will be awarded accordingly.

If the winner does not report to the Guest Care Counter within 10 minutes, Grand River Raceway will select someone to appear on the winner’s behalf (but the winner will still receive the prize). If the winner does not wish to appear on TV, they may select someone to appear on their behalf.


June 28 Winner
Gary Watt, Amount won: $50

June 26 Winner
Gary Trenholm, Amount won: $75

June 21 Winner
Bill Strauss, Amount won: $50

June 19 Winners
Schmelling Ramlall, Amount won: $163
Neil Okum, Amount won: $163

June 14 Winners
Bruce MacLeod, Amount won: $50

June 12 Winner
Ray Rowarth, Amount won: $50

June 7 Winner
Ed Ambedian, Amount won: $50

June 5 Winner
Jack Kearney, Amount won: $75

July 3 Winner
Jim Hinschberger, Amount won: $50

July 5 Winners
Terry Strongman, Amount won: $88
John Costello,  Amount won: $88

July 10 Winners
Bryan Dunn, Amount won: $163
Kevan Clayton, Amount won: $163

July 12 Winner
Gayle Hartshorn, Amount won: $50

July 17 Winner
Regis Dugal, Amount won: $150

July 19 Winner
Laura Livingstone, Amount won:
Leona Ruddock

July 24 Winner
Gary Watt, Amount won: $50

July 26 Winner
Tony May, Amount won: $200

July 31 Winner
Ashley Schell, Amount won: $75

August 2 Winner
Bill Granger, Amount won: $125

August 9 Winner
Bruce Myke, Amount won: $50

August 14 Winner
Laura Haffner, Amount won: $50

August 16 Winner
Jim Butler, Amount won: $50

August 21 Winner
Brad Landoni, Amount won: $75

August 23 Winner
Tom Lane, Amount won: $75

August 28 Winner
Schmelling Ramlall, Amount won: $300

August 30 Winner
Jennifer Bailey, Amount won: $75

September 4 Winner
Gary Trenholm, Amount won: $125

September 6 Winner
Bruce MacLeod, Amount won: $50